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Hi, I’m a graphic designer/typographer based in Bombay. My work is not separate from my play and so I tend to mostly take on projects that I feel a personal connect with. Sustainability, Indigenous crafts, Art & Design are some of the areas that feel most alive to me and I would love to do more work that contributes to creating a more equal world. I prefer working with individuals and boutique organisations as a co-collaborator and a lot of my past clients have gone on to become great friends.

A large part of my 15+ years as a designer, has also been spent as an educator. I love teaching and strongly believe that being in learning environments helps me further my practise. My first love will always be working with scripts of Indian languages and my ‘someday’ dream is to design a typography book of Gujrati proverbs. Having said all of this, I’m always up for a challenge and some of my best work has been outside the realm of pureplay graphic design – be it designing a stage, being a museum co-ordinator or curating an exhibition. If I still have your attention and you want to know more, please download my cv or simply give me a shout.

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