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a nomadic museum project

Design Museum Dharavi was the first museum of its kind, based in a homegrown neighbourhood of Mumbai, showcasing local talent through a nomadic exhibition space and employing design as a tool to promote social change and innovation.

My initial involvement in this project as a graphic designer, gave the museum it’s bilingual identity. An animated gif logo using both, Devanagiri and Roman scripts, was developed to reflect the idea of ‘creating an equal platform that enables dialogue between urban/international designers and local artisans.’ It helped break ice and change the top down dynamic that is usually the norm. The posters for the museum events, followed the same trajectory, and were screen printed in Dharavi itself.

I worked closely with the international artist duo who conceived this project, and went on to become the design co-ordinator for the museum. I spent close to a year on ground in Dharavi and conceptualised and executed the final exhibition ‘the waterproof project’. Amongst the myriad learnings from this experience, the most significant was the shift in my understanding of the space itself. Instead of, Asia’s largest slum (as it is commonly known), I now describe Dharavi as an urban settlement that attracts the most ambitious and go-getting people who believe that their dreams will come true.

design co-ordination + identity & poster design
in collaboration with artist jorge mañes rubio and curator amanda pinatih, based in amsterdam.

Mumbai, India

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