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typography instillation

Khotachiwadi is a tiny hamlet in South Bombay, with a mix of beautiful Portuguese styled villas and low cost housing. I was a part of a week-long urban planning workshop with a focus on the importance of heritage conservation, especially in a place like Khotachiwadi that reflects the city’s history.

The underlying context, was a divide between the residents - some who wanted to preserve their neighbourhood and others for whom the promise of a redevelopment seemed bright. The idea of the workshop was to do a community based project which would bring the residents together and initiate conversation.

As a part of this workshop, my intervention was a typographic sign in Marathi. At the time of making it I had very little idea of its impact. As the sign went up at the entrance, it became a conversation point for the residents and in no time a crowd gathered around it. Along with several other interventions, this sign had helped create a doorway to connect with the residents of the chawls, who now felt a sense of being seen by the workshop participants and were open to dialogue.

created as a part of the khotachiwadi imaginarines workshop in collaboration with urbz, 2016.

Khotachiwadi, Mumbai, India

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