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a celebration of fashion stories

Past continuous was an exhibition to mark the 25-year milestone for the fashion boutique Mélange, with a vision to inspire dialogue about fashion, culture and art through visual stories.

My role in this project was multi-faceted – exhibition designer, graphic designer, copy writer, artist and co-curator. The exhibition space was conceptualised as a story telling maze that transformed the original space and gave it a new avatar. Individual tableaus were curated as a commentary and celebration of the Indian fashion landscape.

The identity used the metaphor of a timeline, to capture the idea of the past, present and future. Fabric was at the center of all the communication which consisted of two video invites and a physical cloth invite that was sealed with a hand stitch. Elements like embroidery hoops were used as signage and display units.

exhibition concept & design + naming + branding + copy writing + signage + visual communication + curation
in collaboration with sangita kathiwada

Mumbai, India

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