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Rujuta Diwekar is amongst the most followed nutritionists globally and a leading public health advocate. She has written several books which have decisively shifted food conversations across the country away from fads and towards eating local, seasonal and traditional.

Pregnancy Notes
The nine letter word, divided into 3 trimesters, is hand drawn to reflect the journey of the nine months.

The PCOD and Thyroid Book
The typographic design represents the internal movements that cause external impact.

Don’t Lose Out, Work Out
This cover had 2 versions to pick from and a laundry list of excuses that people make for not working out!

Notes For Healthy Kids
Inspired from witnessing countless meal time conversations between my sister and nephews and also from stories of most parents I know!

Eating In The Age of Dieting
Given that Rujuta's books are always on the best seller racks of any bookstore, this cover was designed keeping the store display in mind. The half cut image on the front gets completed by placing another copy with the back. And she finally agreed to be on the cover!

book cover design

Mumbai, India

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