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food for mindful living

Sava is a boutique health food store located in an old cellar in Mumbai. The Hindi word ‘sava’ means one and a quarter and reflects the vision of this brand - ‘doing a little bit more’. A bilingual identity was developed using Hindi numerals and English type. Along with being an ode to the origin of the word, Hindi was used also to mark Sava’s commitment to local ingredients.

The visual language and packaging was developed to be as sustainable as possible by following the principle ‘less is more’. Precise messaging, no frills, minimal colour, local eco-friendly materials were some of the brand mandates that are applied across the board. The packaging was developed to be completely plastic free with glass, cloth and paper being the primary materials used. The design story was a natural extension of the idea of fractions.

branding design & strategy + copy writing + packaging solutions & design + visual communication
video / animation done in collaboration with puneet bareja

Mumbai, India

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