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architecture and urban design practice

A brainchild of Japanese architect, Katsushi Goto, the aim of Squareworks is to combine design and research, to open professional and academic discourse within the realms of architecture and urbanism. The contemporary logo mark emerged out of many interesting conversations with the architect, reflecting an ethos of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’. Also encoded within the brand mark are the three focus areas of the studio – urban planning, architecture and environmental design.

The different brand assets were inspired from the key ideas of functionality and ‘joy of discovery’. A folded visiting card that opens into a square memo card for a quick sketch or note at the time of exchange, a letter head with a dot grid to aid 3D drawings and even the domain name, which was coined using the numeral 2 to represent square – 2works. An adjunct identity was crafted for the architect’s collaborative initiative, an international fellowship program – SqW: Lab that invites creative practitioners from various disciplines to come together to draw, talk and play.

branding and stationery design + print production
animation done in collaboration with puneet bareja

Mumbai, India + Tokyo, Japan

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